Get Nature
Positive is an
Exchange for Biodiversity

Companies, public authorities and private individuals can use it to offset their negative impact on biodiversity.

From Concrete
to Biodiversity


Throughout Switzerland, 0.7 square meters of nature disappear every second under a new road, a residential building, an office complex, a production hall or a data centre. This process is one of the main drivers ofbiodiversity loss.

We enable you to make up for your negative impact on nature. This is how it works:

You buy a biodiversity certificate from us and thus receive the label “Nature Positive”. The money paid for the certificate is used to improve an equivalent area of offset. For example, if your company building has a floor area of one thousand square metres, at least one thousand square metres of intensively used grassland will be upgraded to flowering meadows, orchards, wetland biotopes or similar.

We enter into a long-term contract with our project partners, i.e. farmers or forest owners. As a result, our nature restoration projects will continue to develop.  for at least the next 25 years.

Your certificate states exactly where the nature restoration takes place. All our projects are realised in Switzerland, not abroad.


We are an association founded by the two foundations Pusch and Natur & Wirtschaft.

New Habitats
for Plants
and Animals


Our compensation projects create new habitats for animal and plant species. That in itself is very valuable. They also provide us humans with important ecosystem services such as clean drinking water, pollination and resilience to climate change. 

Get involved

We are currently in the start-up phase and are looking for companies and landowners that we can bring together to create more nature in Switzerland.

Interested? Get in touch with us: 

phone 044 201 37 33.  

Manja Van Wezemael und Simon Zeller, sitzend auf eine Steintreppe im Grünen



Manja Van Wezemael

The ETH-trained environmental scientist knows how to bring people together and inspire them for a cause. Always with wit, political tact and a lot of empathy. As a long-standing managing director of an environmental communications company and a national foundation for biodiversity, she is responsible for project management and customer acquisition at “Get Nature Positive”. She has two grown-up children and lives in Lucerne.

Simon Zeller

The environmental scientist with a PhD in ecology is responsible for the technical side of things. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of nature, he reads landscapes like an open book and recognizes its ecological development potential. Formerly responsible for implementing the biodiversity strategy at the canton of St.Gallen, he knows what it takes to actually create an orchard on wasteland w or restore a fen. He lives with his family in Romanshorn.